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Union Council

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U-n-i-o-n C-o-u-n-c-i-l (Noun)

Definition: A body of elected representatives who vote on the ideas which have been put forward on how to improve the University and Union. 


What is Union Council?

It's UCS’s style of Parliament. We don't have MPs and we don't make laws, but our students elect their peers to make decisions and vote on policy that affects us all.

Who can go to Union Council?

The more the merrier!

If you are studying at UCS you have the right to attend Council meetings. Only elected representative can vote, but anyone can join in, share their views and help write formal proposals.

How often does Council meet?

There are five Union Councils in an academic year. For the dates click here or look at our Events Calendar.

How can I submit my ideas?

It couldn’t be easier. Just submit your ideas here.

More Information

Get in touch with the Student Voice team by emailing [email protected] or come and see us in the Student Union Office!