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C-o-u-r-s-e R-e-p (Noun)

Definition: A student who listens and acts on the student voice and helps create a better UCS for everyone


Key Features of a Course Rep:

Excited about their course

Willing to get out there and chat to their course mates

Up for making a difference to their course and the Students’ Union


What do Course Reps do?

Communicate regularly with their course mates, collecting and delivering information or feedback on their unique opinions and suggestions

Regularly attend Union Council where issues directly affecting your course will be discussed

Prepare and submit some motions on issues that you and your course mates feel strongly about, ready to be debated by all our course reps at union council

Communicate with the students’ union to make sure you and your course mates are getting the most out of all your opportunities at UCS  


Why be a Course Rep?

Why not? 

More and more employers are looking past your degree and asking for evidence of other interests and commitments. Being a course rep is the perfect example of your skills and talents outside of your academic studies. Not only does it help your employability, but being a course rep also helps you meet new people and even be in the running for awards and prizes for all your hard work. 


How to become a Course Rep?

Elections are course specific and you are elected by the democratic votes of your course mates! Each course will get the opportunity to elect a course rep and despite each course varying in number, each rep is equally as important in delivering the thoughts of their course mates!

Want to be one of these fantastic people? NOMINATE YOURSELF HERE!