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Christian Union

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As a Christian Union, we aim to reach Christians and non-Christians within the University sharing the love of God. We also aim to create and maintain links with local churches and the community. We meet once a week. 

Facebook: UCS Christian Union Society

Email: [email protected]

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Terms and Conditions

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Sports and Societies Code of Conduct

The Sports and Societies Code of Conduct advises members and Committee members on their expected behaviour. The purpose of the document is to protect members and others potentially affected by their actions, through an agreement of set standards. If adhered to, a code of conduct will serve to reduce the risk of harm and injury to members and the community in general.

As an affiliated member of a Club or Society of University Campus Suffolk Students’ Union you are agreeing to abide by the terms outlined below:

  • To adhere to the constitution, general rules, regulations and policies of this organisation.
  • To act responsibly at all times when participating in activities and to avoid actions which could bring the group, the Union or University into disrepute.
  • To compete in a manner of good sportsmanship, regardless of the nature of the competition, when representing University Campus Suffolk Students’ Union in a sports fixture.
  • To respect all individuals associated with the activity (i.e. match officials, external speakers, venue employees, Students’ Union staff, fellow team members, etc.).
  • To show respect towards Students’ Union and University premises at all times and other University Campus Suffolk Students’ Union recognised Clubs & Societies.
  • To work within an equality and diversity framework and to report discriminatory behaviour of any kind.
  • To behave in a manner which does not endanger other individuals and to abide by the Students’ Union Health and Safety Policy at all times.
  • To inform the activity leader/coach of any relevant medical condition or previous injuries that would affect your safe participation in the activity.
  • Any breaches of the code of conduct will be referred to the respective staff member or council.

Disciplinary action may be taken by the Students’ Union against any individual or group for the violations listed below (please note this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Breach of Students’ Union Constitution and policies.
  • Failure to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner whilst engaged in business relating to your activity.
  • Financial misappropriation.
  • Theft of, or failure to declare whereabouts of equipment.
  • Involvement of illegal activity.
  • Discriminatory behaviour against any group or individual.
  • Participating in an activity that you do not have valid membership for.
  • Insufficient monitoring/ misuse of the Students’ Union or own activity website.

Important note to consider: Due to an addition in the Equality Act club and society officials with a membership of 25 or more are now responsible for any equality by a third party e.g. If a coach or speaker is offensive to a member it is the officials who are responsible. If the society fails to act then the complaint can be dealt with by Executive Committee who take overall responsibility for all clubs and societies and can take disciplinary action accordingly, or stop the use of a third party coach or trainer. 

Any breach of the code of conduct may result in a disciplinary hearing held by the Students’ Union. It should be noted that by indulging in any form of conduct which may bring the university into disrepute, this may also constitute a breach of the university’s regulations so therefore the university may decide to take appropriate action against you in accordance with those regulations.

I, as a member agree that I have read and understood the code of conduct and that in doing so I understand that I am a representative of University Campus Suffolk Students’ Union and the University and shall adhere to the code of conduct. 


Please note that any person, club or society refusing to sign and adhere to the policy will be in breach of the policy.

If anyone has any questions relating to this policy, then please do not hesitate to contact Megan King (Vice-President of UCS Students' Union) at [email protected] or call on 01473 338158