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Mitigating Circumstances and Extensions

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Mitigating circumstances are circumstances beyond your control which will cause you to perform less well in your coursework or examinations than might otherwise have been expected.

If necessary, you should apply for consideration of mitigating circumstances and supply evidence such as a doctor’s note before the assessment deadline or examination date. Applications may be accepted up to five working days afterwards in exceptional situations e.g. if last minute circumstances beyond your control prevented your attendance or submission.

Applications will not be considered until the Assessment Board meeting following the assessment deadline or examination date. You should therefore seek advice from your course team or the Advice Centre before applying. If your application is rejected you will be penalised for non-submission or non-attendance, and you cannot apply for mitigating circumstances and also submit work/sit an exam as a ‘back-up’. This will cause your application to be void. If you submit work or sit an exam, you are considered to be fit to do so. Only in exceptional situations will you be able to apply for the consideration of mitigating circumstances after the assessment deadline or examination date; or appeal against a poor mark on these grounds.

 If an application for mitigating circumstances is accepted, you may be granted the opportunity to be assessed at a later date. Alternatively, in some situations Course Leaders can grant short extensions for coursework in advance of the deadline, if requested early. If the circumstances are more long-term, and you think you may need to take some time out of university, known as ‘intercalation’, then you should also discuss this with your course team.

To discuss your options confidentially with our Student Advisor please contact the UCS Advice Centre.

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